Kato's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Kato was a long-term guest at the RSPCA. He kind of had everything working against him, he was a bit older than all the young pups in the Adoption Centre, he was brought into our care after the January school holidays and he was dark in colouring.
Did you know that sometimes brindle and black dogs wait longer in shelters to find their furever homes?

"Kato waited 6 months, but finally, RSPCA's State of Adoption poster boy Kato had a run of luck on his side (a bit like the QLD Origin team) and found his furever home!

Kato is still making us smile each day and I feel he is very happy being part of our family. He is a big gentle lad, well mannered and learns very quickly.

He settled in well and all family members adore him. He has a bed outside for during the day and one inside for night time.

He is eating well and we are being very careful not to give him too many treats so he can maintain a healthy weight.

We went for a walk around the block this afternoon and saw lots of dogs and a cat. Kato appears to want to meet them all! Although a very strong lad, we did manage to keep walking... looking forward to starting training school.

We go on regular family outings... from now it will be at pet friendly destinations so we can include our new family member.

What a whale of a time Kato was having with his new found family. Since being adopted, they have also gone above and beyond for their beloved furkid.

His humans explain, “Six months ago he was diagnosed with cancer... a bit scary for us. He had surgery and now he is clear.

Thank you RSPCA for giving Kato another chance and for giving us the opportunity to adopt him so he can be part of our family."

Now that's a Happy Tail!

Emma Lagoon
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