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Cats Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
This is a story about two different tabby cats, Emmett and Krispy, who found friendship and a warm, loving home.

Emmett was given a second chance at life after being transferred to RSPCA Brisbane Animal Care Campus from the Gladstone Council Pound in March this year. Krispy, who is a ginger tabby, was sadly surrendered to the RSPCA with three of his unwanted littermates in January.

Both cats were very young and spent time in separate foster care homes before they were ready to be desexed and able to be put up for adoption.

Although these two tabbies came to the RSPCA from different starts to life and had adventures apart, the two were adopted together as a pair.

Tracey and Keith, Emmett and Krispy’s new owners, had their hearts immediately full by the two.

“They have settled well into their new home and have become great friends already.”

The pair have already worked out where the food and litter trays are and are happily exploring and relaxing together.

“Now, still less than a week later, they are part of the family happily eating and sleeping together when not getting up to mischief,” says Tracey.

“Their characters are really starting to show with Emmett happier to snuggle with us when he's not exploring and getting where he shouldn't and Krispy lets us know how happy he is with his loud 'machine gun' purr whenever we are close by.”

Thank you Tracey and Keith for providing another chance at life and a warm home to two special tabby cats.

You can find your own RSPCA cat here. All animals in RSPCA Qld care have been thoroughly health checked and temperament tested before being offered up for adoption. They are all desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated and are looking for a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

Emma Lagoon
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