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Life changed for the better when Mandy the Bull Arab found love at RSPCA's Pop Up Adoption
Where it all began

Adorable Mandy was a lost dog that came into RSPCA Townsville back in 2017. She was microchipped to a previous owner that no longer owned her. Sadly the person who was responsible for Mandy, never collected her from the vet and was unreachable. So, sweet Mandy began her adoption journey. 

Mandy spent some months patiently waiting at the RSPCA Adoption Centre in Townsville before the new year rolled around.

The trek south

With the RSPCA's Pop Up Adoption on the cards in January, Mandy was one of the happy doggos that travelled down from Townsville to Brisbane. 

Bundled up with our volunteer drivers and other pets from across many RSPCA locations, the adoptable dog and cat convoy started the long journey south. 

On Saturday 13 January, 2018, it was Mandy's lucky day! 


Mandy found her loving new family at Pop Up Adoption. We caught up with her new owners after the event to find out how she was going.

mandy's happy tail first day at home post-pop up adoption rspca blog

Above: Mandy's first day in her new home.

New mum Amanda explains what made her and hubby Stephen decide to adopt...

"My husband and I have always loved dogs, and his family always adopted dogs from local shelters when he was growing up. We knew when the time came, we wanted to give a home to an animal in need rather than go to a breeder. When we finally moved to a place that allowed pets it happened to be around the time that the RSPCA was holding their annual Pop Up Adoption here in Brisbane, so it was a bit of a no-brainer!"

Amanda says, "At the Pop Up Adoption there were so many gorgeous dogs - we knew we wanted a girl who was around 2/3 years old. At first it was a bit overwhelming as there were just so many dogs, what caught my eye initially with Mandy was that we had the same name and then when I looked at her, she had the most irresistible puppy eyes, like she was just waiting for someone to come love her. She's quite a big dog so I think it turned a lot of people off, but when my husband came over to see her and we went in her enclosure to meet her, she was so gentle - and then my husband fell in love instantly, so it was a done deal!"

happy story for bull arab adopted at rspca pop up adoption

Amanda explains some of the great times with Mandy so far, "There have been so many precious moments with Mandy since we brought her home it's difficult to pick a single one. Our favourite times with her are probably just snuggling up on the couch - although her and my husband love to wrestle as well. One moment I will never forget was when we brought our little boy home from hospital and she met him for the first time. At first she was just so excited that we were home, and then when she finally realised there was a tiny human in the room, she didn't know how to react, I think it was a combination of bewilderment, excitement and cautiousness. It was great!"

adopted dog mandy finds loving new home rspca queensland

Love knows no bounds

Just when you thought that the trip from Townsville to Brisbane was far to find love... Mandy and her new human family are preparing for an even bigger move... Canada!

Amanda thinks Mandy will enjoy life overseas when the time comes to relocate, "She loves frolicking in the forest at our local park here in Brisbane, so I think she will really love all the forest around Vancouver Island - there will be so many new and different smells for her to discover! I also can't wait for her to experience snow for the first time."

Mandy has brought a lifetime of happiness to Amanda and Stephen and we're thrilled that this once lost and unloved dog, has struck gold with incredible parents who chose to give her a second chance.

"Mandy has brought so much joy and laughter into our family - she makes everyone that much happier just by being in the room. She's such a sweet girl, she'll forever be our first baby!" Amanda says.

Looking to adopt a companion of your own? Find potential RSPCA matches here and visit your nearest RSPCA to adopt a pet. 

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