Minty the Guinea Pig

Animals Happy Story Rescue Posted Nov 10, 2020
Judy witnessed a Guinea Pig pairing as successful as Minty, it was a match made in heaven.

Adopted from the RSPCA Brisbane Animal Care Campus in September 2014. At the time Judy's other Guinea Pig; Little Lamb had a partner in crime who'd recently passed away from old age. 

At their very first meeting, Minty and Little Lamb chortled, rubbed faces, popcorned up and down on the spot, and generally seemed deliriously happy. 

Judy was initially unsure about the chances of finding a suitable mate for Little Lamb who, though good natured, is very anxious and doesn't tolerate being dominated. However, after spending a short time with Minty at the shelter prior to the adoption, it was clear she was friendly and free spirited, and wouldn't present a threat. 

Minty's favourite pastimes these days are munching on grass with Little Lamb, scattering the woodshavings in her cage while tearing around at top speed, and jumping on top of her little cardboard boxes for a better view of the world outside her enclosure. 

Like the ugly duckling who developed into a graceful swan, Minty has blossomed from an awkward youngster (RSPCA staff expressed surprise that I chose her over some of the other guineas available for adoption at the time) into a stunning young lady pig. Photography by Janelle Manning of Smitten Portraits

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