Beautiful Oolgie’s Happy Tail

Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Oolgie the horse thought life couldn’t get better than being in foster care… until he met Sharron and Kim!

Oolgie was placed into foster care with Karen. Karen took Oolgie under her wing for almost a year while his case was under investigation and he was being rehabilitated, until he was finally able to start a new life.

From all reports, Oolgie had a very comfortable life with lots of food and treats. Karen said he was a cheeky boy that made big improvements during his time in care and was even a bit of a pick-pocket for carrot treats!

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Kim spotted Oolgie on the RSPCA adoption page. Kim has experience with rescue horses and helping them come out of their shell so he offered up his time to help Oolgie become more comfortable and well trained. For months he visited Karen’s foster home to build trust with Oolgie. Then it was time for Kim to introduce Oolgie to his partner, Sharron.

Needless to say, a bond was formed quite quickly! Sharron played with Oolgie while Kim gave him pats and treats. Soon Sharron began float training with Oolgie and to their surprise, he was pretty well behaved and the only thing he needed to work on was shifting over his bum so they could close the gate!

Oolgie was ready to start his adopted life with Sharron and Kim.

Once he arrived at his new home, Oolgie met his new paddock buddy – Rev, a rescue stock-horse with only one eye. He was very excited to see Oolgie!

Sharron and Kim said Oolgie has since settled in really well to his new home. When the farrier came along, Oolgie was nothing but a gentleman.

Recently, Oolgie got a three-quarter bath. Both Oolgie and Rev needed one due to their love of rolling around in the dirt and having a great old time!

Oolgie couldn’t have asked for a better family, willing to go the extra mile for him before they adopted him, and now, getting all the love and care he deserves.

Sam Morris
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