Scoobie's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Adoptabull Posted Nov 10, 2020
When I first met Scoobie at the RSPCA, he was only 3 months old he was recovering from a severe car accident.

I decided to foster Scoobie for the weekend to give him a break from the Shelter. I am embarrassed to admit that I was afraid of taking home a Staffie, I was naïve and uneducated about their breed. In less than 48 hours, I adopted Scoobie.

Scoobie is an absolute character, he is unlike any dog I have met before. He is sensitive, silly and totally loveable. He craves human attention, and his licks can be seriously dangerous. When Scoobie is feeling a little down, he finds your feet, sits on them, turns around and looks at you. This means that Scoobie is wanting a massage.

I find it extremely upsetting when people go out of their way to walk across the road when they see Scoobie from afar. I’ve had a man pick Scoobie up from his harness at a dog park and throw him, because he was afraid for his dogs’ “safety”. Scoobie has been teased for the size of his head, a typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier trait. And unfortunately I have become accustomed to fellow dog walkers tightening their dogs’ lead when Scoobie is near.

Scoobie is my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he is beautiful and harmless. He has brought so much happiness into my life and I will be forever thankful to him for changing my perception of bull breeds. Please give bull breeds the chance to be loved, after all they are just like any other dog, deserving of a place to call home and a right to feel safe.

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