Smooch’s Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Smooch found his forever home out in Dalby - learn what he's getting up to now!
Everyone likes a Happily Ever After, and RSPCA Adoptee Smooch has found just that with his new Mum Elesia. This gentle giant even sent our Adoptions team a letter to let us know how he is getting along. 

“A lot has happened since I left in January. I left the big smoke of Brisbane and went with my new mum to live in Dalby. I had to camp out with mum at her parents' house for a few weeks, because mum had a new fence, and my own custom made dog door fitted.” 

Smooch is certainly spoiled rotten, not only by his grandparents but by Mum Elesia who got him his own ramp so that he could reach the back tray of her ute without having to grip the slippery plastic. 

Smooch was also gifted with pyjamas and blankets for those freezing Dalby winter nights! 

Smooch has already made friends around the town, including a chocolate Labrador named Cody (but we all think his mum’s right; Cody’s human having treats is definitely on his agenda!). Everyone just loves this handsome boy. He has settled into his new country life quickly and spends his days napping on fresh straw mulch, getting doted on by his new grandparents, friends at the PCYC and furry ones on his walk, and everyone in between (making his poor Mum feel like a bit of a spare wheel!). He’s such a charmer that the council mower man waits for him to pass so that no rocks or debris go flying when he’s close.

 Although Smooch arrived with Elesia a little on the heavy side, his diet is progressing well. Although displeased with his fortnightly weigh–ins, he has moved from 58.6kg to 52.4kg, with a little bit more to go. Smooch even told us about the indignity of it all in his letter. 

“I thought I was nicely rounded myself. Now I am on the dreaded diet. I am constantly starving, and no one has any mercy. To add insult to injury, I have to get weighed every fortnight. Oh, the indignity! I even try and put my backside only half on the scales but they always catch me.” 

Although he arrived slightly anxious, he has settled into a routine thanks to Elesia and her parents’ patience and persistence with reward based positive reinforcement. We couldn’t be happier for Smooch and his new family! 

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Rebecca Hokin
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