Beautiful Smoosh’s Transformation

Happy Story Rescue Rehome Posted Jul 6, 2022
Smoosh was just a kitten when he underwent eye surgery to save both of his eyes.

Coming into the RSPCA as a lost kitten in need of medical treatment, Smoosh’s fighting spirit helped him find the best new life possible!

Once in veterinary care, medical exams showed Smoosh had a congenital eye deformity. His eyelids hadn’t formed properly and surgery was going to be the only way Smoosh could live a pain-free life.

In a tricky surgery for our veterinarians, skin from Smoosh’s cheek and lip margin were used so he could essentially have new eyelids created.

With this procedure, Smoosh would be able to have functioning eyelids and enjoy life as a happy, healthy cat.

His initial surgery was a success but sadly, Smoosh developed a serious eye ulcer. Poor Smoosh once again had to have surgery, but this time he’d be waking up with a permanent wink and having to adjust to life with just one eye.

During Smoosh’s journey at the RSPCA he was able to spend the majority of his time in a loving foster home with Kim and a fur-companion called Mushu. Despite losing one of his eyes, Smoosh adapted really well to foster life, letting his cheeky personality shine and having the time to recuperate in a loving home.

Once making a full recovery, Smoosh was ready to find his forever family.

After just over six months in RSPCA care, Smoosh’s life would change forever with his new mum, Phoebe, deciding to adopt. Phoebe had even adopted Prue, another RSPCA cat, just a few months earlier.

Phoebe lovingly helped Smoosh settle in at his new home, also helping him overcome some initial toileting troubles. “After lots of time and hard work he is much better and always uses his litter tray. We are so proud of him!” she says.

It didn’t take long for Smoosh to become best friends with Prue too, “Smoosh and Prue are doing well, and our whole family love them to bits.”

“Smoosh’s favourite things to do are sit on the back deck and watch the birds fly by, play with Prue or just lay in the sun. Prue is a lovely girl and she probably finds Smoosh a little annoying since he constantly wants to play, but I think she loves him deep down.”

Phoebe now has two very cuddly, loveable cats and says, “We can’t imagine our lives without them.”

Smoosh and Prue even love chilling with Phoebe’s old greyhound too.

Phoebe says, “They are the most perfect pets and I am so happy that I adopted them!”

Hearing these happy tails and seeing animals make a wonderful recovery from a rough start to life is why we help animals at the RSPCA.

Thank you Phoebe, Kim and all of our adopters and foster carers who give these beautiful animals a second chance.

If you’d like to foster an animal and help them in their journey, or to adopt a pet, apply to become a foster carer today and see what animals are waiting for you at the RSPCA

Sophie Oxford
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