Starbuck & Boomer's Story

Cats Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Adopted together, Starbuck and Boomer are an unlikely best friend duo
From the moment they saw Starbuck (female Staffy cross) with tennis ball fluff hanging out her little puppy mouth, it was love, and her new human parents knew she would be the perfect dog for them, even as first time dog parents. 

Boomer (female tortoiseshell cat) was always going to be an indoor only kitty. Her new parents wanted to make sure she was safe from cars, wildlife and those that don't like roaming cats. When her new parents saw her in the kitty pen at RSPCA Wacol, playing by herself, their hearts melted. She was tiny but seemed perfectly happy and oblivious to everyone watching her. 

Starbuck and Boomer didn’t have the best start to life and their new parents wanted to make sure they knew how loved and safe they would be from now on. 

Starbuck was one of 3 stray pups, never reclaimed. She was transferred from the Townsville RSPCA to Brisbane with her other sibling. She had demodex and spent time recovering in a foster care home with regular baths to help her skin heal. It didn’t take long for her to recover and be ready for adoption. 

Boomer was picked up by the RSPCA Animal Ambulance with her mum and 2 other siblings. They were lost kitties in need of a home. They all spent some time in a foster home until they were able to be desexed and adopted. Boomer clearly took after her dad as her mum was a ginger tabby! 

Starbuck and Boomer were adopted on the same day in December 2016, youngsters about to start their new journey together. The RSPCA were with their new family the whole way. Always receptive to their questions and concerns. Starbuck even started puppy school! 


“Caroline from the RSPCA School for Dogs Wacol was amazing as Starbuck was put through (and graduated) Baby and then Senior Puppy Pre School.” 

Starbuck is high energy which compliments her new family's lifestyle and boy does she love life! “Everything she goes in to is with 300% effort! She loves to run (never walk!), play soccer with her Daddy, chew, and be a lap dog giving cuddles to anyone that will let her sit on them (which she doesn’t really give you the choice with her big brown eyes staring at you, it’s hard to resist a cuddle). Starbuck has so much love and joy in her she makes everyone she meets smile (and laugh) every day. She's Mummy's little girl and follows Mummy around helping out in her own little way (which all mums of fur babies or skin jobs (Battlestar Gallactica reference) will understand).”

“Starbuck is the complete opposite of the stigma attached to Staffies. She loves everyone and everything and is more likely to give you a kiss then bite you. She's definitely a lover not a fighter even adapting her style of play with her little kitten sister as she is growing stronger.”

“Boomer is the baby of the family, being one week younger than her big sis. She's still small but growing up (too) fast. Boomer is mischievous, playful and incredibly cute. Boomer is Daddy's little girl and loves snuggling up to Daddy's beard. She likes to be up high on your shoulder and is an instant de-stressor. After a hard day her constant purr and warm cuddle makes everything better.  Boomer loves to scare you by jumping out of things and giving you a little tap before running away and hiding again waiting for her next victim (which is usually Starbuck).”

Boomer has adopted some of Starbucks style and vice versa. Their human parents often say they have a dog that thinks she is a cat and a cat that thinks she is a dog.  The girls play well together and generally Boomer initiates play, during which she does her little kitty growl, and Starbuck’s tail wags the entire time.

Starbuck and Boomers new parents are huge sci-fi fans (hence the names) and they couldn't imagine life without the girls. They complete their family and all of them are forever grateful to the RSPCA for rescuing them so they could be adopted. 

You can follow their journey on Instagram @pearce_princesses.

Emma Lagoon
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