A Day in the Life: Logan Animal Ambulance Volunteer

Posted Sep 27, 2021
Karen has been rescuing injured animals every day for the last six years, having the Logan area burned into her memory, she is ready for another day of saving the lives of all creatures great and small.

After such a long time of volunteering Karen doesn't even need a GPS, she knows where all the vets are around Logan.

Her first stop for the day is to a vet in Greenbank to pick up two native pigeons that won’t fly. She then heads to a vet in Marsden to pick up a potentially sick rainbow lorikeet. Just to add to the bird list, another vet in Yarrabilba also has a lorikeet that flew into a car and seems to be stunned…

Karen volunteers her time driving the Logan City Council RSPCA Animal Ambulance every week. She collects all the animals in need of veterinary assistance and transports them to our Wildlife Hospital for treatment.

Along with her bird rescues for the morning, Karen picks up a stray Chihuahua called Kristy Lea with an eye injury from Underwood. Similar to what we encounter at the RSPCA daily, the vets that found the little Chi did try to contact the microchipped owner, but had no luck getting hold of them.

Karen transports her morning menagerie of animals straight to our Wacol RSPCA where our wildlife team get started triaging the birds in need and our domestic vets help little Kristy Lea.

Once the animals are dropped off, Karen heads back out to more animal rescue jobs that have just been called in.

A day of birds (which is very common in spring!), Karen heads out to Springwood where a dove needs treatment for a puncture in its wing, and a sick kookaburra is brought into a Greenbank vet.

Without the support from the Logan City Council who sponsor our RSPCA Animal Ambulance in the region, incredible volunteers like Karen to drive our rescue vehicles, and support from people like you, we couldn’t be there 24/7 for sick and injured animals.

If you see an animal in need of help call us on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

If Karen’s day sounds like one you can do too, apply to become an awesome volunteer Logan Animal Ambulance driver! We are also looking for volunteer drivers in the Brisbane area too.

A timely reminder to ensure your pets have a microchip and your contact details are up to date, should your companion ever go missing! 

Sophie Oxford
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