Dog Rescued from Tricky Situation

Dogs Pets Rescue Happy Story Volunteering Posted Dec 16, 2020
Missing dog is found stuck down the side of a retaining wall by the RSPCA Animal Ambulance team
Recently our Animal Ambulance team got a call out for a pet that could be heard crying down the side of a retaining wall in Daisy Hill.

Our rescuers were quick on the scene. With torches at the ready, it was very hard to spot what was stuck down the bottom of the three metre wall. 

lost dog found down retaining wall july 2019

With the help of the local Fire Brigade, a tricky rescue followed.

The dog had managed to wedge itself in between two retaining walls, unable to move forward or back. So ropes and poles were needed to winch the dog to safety.

dog rescue rspca july 2019

Fire rescue made a sling out of thick ropes and our RSPCA rescue team used poles to manoeuvre the pooch into the sling. 

After a fiddly task, he was slowly lifted to safety!

fire rescue and rspca animal rescue dog july 2019

The dog called “Nugget” is 8-years-old and was missing since 10am the previous day. His owner turned up just as the RSPCA team were heading to their rescue vehicle with him.

It turns out, his owner was delivering flyers in the neighbourhood for her lost dog.

lost dog found down side of retaining wall

Nugget only lived just down the road too, it seems he got lost trying to find his way home and ended up stuck at the bottom of the wall.

animal ambulance rescuer Sarah with Queensland Fire Rescue

Thanks to the member of the public who heard Nugget's cries for help and called our 1300 ANIMAL Hotline.

If you find an animal in need of help, contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency hotline on 1300 264 625.

Emma Lagoon
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