Downward-facing dog for upward-facing pets: A pawsome new yoga trend

Education Fundraise Pets Promotion Posted Dec 15, 2020
Goodbye to days of fetching sticks, the new hottest trend for your pampered pooch is Doga.
Do you love spending your mornings getting fit, loosening up and finding your inner Zen through some yoga? Well we have some good news for you! Doga is a new trend that has combined your avid love for dogs and yoga into one. You can now bend, stretch and relax in the company of your furry friends.

Dogs love your undivided attention, and Doga gives them just that. Some of the soothing poses displayed in Doga can be as simple as bending and stretching over your pets, or more pup-orientated moves by incorporating pup massages and stretches.

Doga has so many amazing benefits! It strengthens and deepens your bond with your dog, it decreases anxiety and relieves stress in you and your dog and most of all it’s an enriching and rewarding experience.

The RSPCA visited Stretch Yoga for their 3rd birthday to celebrate with some puppy yoga!

There were heaps of different classes ranging from Pilates, meditation workshops and yoga for anxiety, and to make this even better, everyone was surrounded by puppies! 

And the good news keeps on coming! Stretch Yoga and attendees of their classes raised a whopping $2,536 for the RSPCA! This funding directly helps pets like Finn, who attended the Birthday celebrations. Finn was keen to please attendees, giving most a kiss of approval as he inspected their yoga poses on the day.

Yoga is good for you, and clearly beneficial to your pooch as well. After all, they did invent the downward-facing dog, right? Don’t ever feel guilty about leaving your best friend behind again. Just bring them along for bundles of stretching and a whole lot of cuddles. 

Stay tuned for more similar events with the RSPCA in your area!

Ruby Stewart
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