Giving back to the animals: Peter & Geraldine

Animals Posted Sep 13, 2022
How you can create a brighter future for animals less fortunate than your own.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an animal lover just like Peter and Geraldine.

A wonderful and warm couple, Peter and Geraldine are helping animals into the future by leaving a gift in their Will to RSPCA Queensland. Like them, your compassion can help too.

Geraldine says, “I've always been an animal lover and a dog lover. My first dog was a kelpie called Dinky when I grew up in country Queensland. And I guess when Peter and I met and married we wanted to have a dog.”

Geraldine and Peter reflect on their fond memories of all of their dogs over the years, particularly Basset Hounds.

Peter talks about their last dog Arabella, “She was a princess in her own mind and ran the house. She was a very affectionate dog. She would do what she wanted to do and tell us what we had to do. But she was a very lovable animal.

“Sadly, she went too early. She'd led a very happy and comfortable life.”

Geraldine was concerned about what would happen if their dog outlived them. That’s how the couple came to learn about RSPCA’s Home Ever After program. Geraldine says, “We had made arrangements should Arabella outlive us, that RSPCA would look after her.”

Peter reflects on their time enrolling Arabella into the RSPCA’s Home Ever After program, “I was quite positively amused by the fact that I had to give more details than I give my GP about my health, about Arabella to the RSPCA.”

He says the detail and extent of support they were given by the RSPCA about the program was wonderful “right down to the stickers that were provided to neighbours, should anything happen, they would ring a number and Arabella would be cared for.”

While they don’t have pets at the moment, Peter and Geraldine’s deep love for animals continues through their support of charities that are here for displaced, neglected and abused animals that don’t have a warm home like their own.

Geraldine says, “If we were, and I'm not ruling it out, if we were to have another dog, we would go and save the dog from the RSPCA.”

Geraldine and Peter’s thoughtful choice of leaving a gift in their Will to RSPCA was an easy decision. “We have no other dependants, we felt we wanted to do the best we could for animals in distress. A gift in our Will is the best legacy we could leave behind as animal lovers.”

No doubt Peter and Geraldine’s story has warmed your heart, knowing that they’re fighting alongside you to end animal cruelty, and ensure there is a safe haven at the RSPCA for animals in need, well into the future.

Peter says, “We encourage others to give serious consideration to supporting RSPCA Queensland with a gift in their Will because they have a great track record at helping animals that don’t have anyone else who can help them.”

If you’d like to help create a better world for animals by leaving a gift in your Will to RSPCA Queensland, contact our friendly team today. If you’re wondering what steps you can put in place for your pets right now should your circumstances change and you can no longer care for them, learn more about RSPCA’s Home Ever After program here.

Emma Lagoon
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