Roof Rescue: Packed to the Rafters

Cats Animals Pets Rescue Posted Dec 16, 2020
Born between the rafters of a suburban home, four kittens meowed for their freedom

Upon hearing the sweet yet suffocating cries from the ceiling, the homeowners called the RSPCA. Our Rescue Officers, Sam and Dani, were on the scene and ready to climb through any manhole to retrieve this abandoned litter.

RSPCA inspector climbing into roof

With a torch in hand they hurried up through the roof, letting the soft meows lead them. Between the insulation and wooden panels hid a small cavity, offering three pairs of beady eyes. Sam and Dani quickly and carefully pulled the dusty kittens from the hole and transported them to our Domestic Animal Hospital.

kitten rescued from roof

With some TLC from the veterinary team, the kittens seemed on the way to recovery. However, it was touch and go for one poor kitten - in such bad condition that he was almost deemed too sick to survive. Thankfully over time, he began to brighten up and started to make a miraculous recovery.

kittens after being rescued

But that wasn’t the end of this little rescue! The day after the rescue, we received another call from the same house. There was another kitten!

Sam and Dani rushed back to the area and, although they applied the same procedures as the day before, this kitten was in such an awkward position within the roof. Two and a half hours later, our officers decided to give the Mt Ommaney Fire Department a call. Three fire fighters entered the scene, assessed the situation and proceeded to make a hole in the wall to save this precious life. The fourth kitten was rescued!

kitten rescued from roof with dust

All four kittens are happy and healthy. Rhea and Rafi are ready to head on to foster while Wally and Polly are already in foster.

This is a happy ending to what could have been a very sad tale. Situations like these are not uncommon. After attempting to find the mother cat in the area and see if she would come back, it was clear that this litter had been abandoned.

Somewhere out there… mumma cat is straying again. If you think it couldn’t happen to your cat, think again!

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Jemima Moore
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