Unlikely place to give birth

Posted Jun 10, 2021
It was late one night when a pregnant cat decided to leave the comforts of her own home to give birth to her litter of kittens.

What’s last place you think this mother cat would choose to raise her young? Down a stormwater drain of course!

Mumma cat squeezed herself through a stormwater drain to make her nest and gave birth to a litter of tiny kittens…

The cat’s owner noticed she had returned home uninjured the next day, but was no longer pregnant. Worried for her litter, her owner started looking for her kittens.

Tiny mews drew her to hear the tiny newborns down a drain near her house. 

RSPCA Rescue Officers Sam and Chantel were called out to assist in retrieving the young. It was a hot day, so time was of the essence to rescue and reunite these kittens with their mum.

Five little kittens were pulled to safety by our Rescue Team and reunited with their owner and mother cat. Now they can find a better spot indoors to start their new lives.

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Emma Lagoon
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