Myriam's Story: Fostering her passion

Pets Cats Dogs Foster Fostering Posted Mar 8, 2024
How dedicated foster carers like Myriam are changing lives.

At RSPCA Queensland, we pride ourselves on the diverse range of foster carers who help ease the pressure on our busy shelters by taking on and caring for creatures great and small in their own homes.

Take Myriam for example, who has been a foster carer with us for over a year now. She has always had a passion for animals but tells us she was not allowed a pet when she was young.

Myriam with some of her foster kittens

"One of the first things I decided to do when I came to Australia was get a cat, then my partner started to volunteer at RSPCA in the Wildlife Hospital, so I got to go on drives with him a couple of times and really enjoyed it," says Myriam.

Myriam decided to get in on the action and become a foster carer with RSPCA, citing her desire to be part of a welcoming community, the flexibility of fostering and a love for physical activity as reasons behind her decision.

"There are always excuses not to exercise or go out and socialise when the chance presents itself. Having pets is my key to experiencing things I would not usually. I think we have had about 17 dogs since I started fostering, plus the four we have now," says Myriam.

Myriam playing with some of her foster kittens

Foster carers continue to be vital volunteers at the RSPCA in helping animals get a second chance as cost-of-living pressures see more families applying to surrender their pets.

Can you help become an RSPCA Foster Carer? You can apply online here to help animals in need.

Four simple steps you can take today to begin your RSPCA foster carer journey

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