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Volunteering Posted Jul 4, 2022
2,500 incredible volunteers call RSPCA Queensland their second home. Their assistance every day is invaluable and we can’t thank them enough on behalf of all creatures great and small.

The variety of volunteer roles at RSPCA are endless, and every single volunteer plays an essential part in helping animals in need. In the last year our volunteers dedicated over 400,000 hours of their time to our charity.

Hear what some of our incredible volunteers have to say about spending time at the RSPCA:

Noel Roberts

Noel Roberts recently celebrated an incredible milestone at RSPCA – celebrating 10,000 hours at volunteering his time at RSPCA Dakabin!

“I like the fact that every day is different. From the moment we open the doors, you never know what you’re in for. I work in reception handling adoptions, reclaims, surrenders, returns, wildlife, answering phones and dealing with dozens of questions every day! Most days you experience the whole gamut of emotions from excitement to despair and sadness.

“I’ve always been an animal lover but now I’m passionate about animal welfare. I’m also passionate about the work the RSPCA does. Like many people, I had a very limited understanding of the RSPCA before I started volunteering, now I’m its greatest supporter.”

Graham Carter

Graham Carter has been volunteering with RSPCA Qld since 2000, donating over 15,000 hours of his time!

Graham is one of our most dedicated volunteers and is incredibly passionate about and committed to animal welfare. Over the past 21 years, Graham has volunteered continuously as our Curator. He is responsible for RSPCA Qld historical resources and their uses. He catalogues and maintains RSPCA Qld historical objects, documents and photographic records. In simple terms he is responsible for maintaining and showcasing RSPCA Qld’s complex and fascinating history.

Graham coaches and mentors new RSPCA volunteers and helps develop their skills and knowledge of our work. He has also greatly assisted many students by maintaining RSPCA Queensland’s archives and preserving our proud history for future generations. He truly lives and breathes the RSPCA and we cannot thank him enough for all the different ways he contributes.

Bill Thomas

Thanks Bill Thomas for 20 years of volunteering at RSPCA Queensland!

Bill works with our dogs in adoptions and has had 12 published books of his poetry! Bill has dedicated over 5,000 hours of his time at both our old Fairfield shelter and now at Wacol.

Bill on why he keeps coming back to help, “Oh, because I love it. I find it very enriching and therapeutic, helpful and rewarding, and enjoyable and satisfying.

“I love particularly working in the dog adoption section it's very, very enjoyable and rewarding to see them in progress and get good homes.”

Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers for the work you do every day!

Together we change lives.

Emma Lagoon
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