Straight Outta the Shelter

Posted Dec 15, 2020
An insight into what you can expect on the blog from our RSPCA community.
Hello! I want to offer you a big WOOFY welcome into the community side of the RSPCA. In this part of the yard, we will cover the who, what, where and why of RSPCA Qld in the local community. 

Imagine being a part of a very small town that only ‘people with the inside scoop’ know to visit... You’re happy with the people you meet but you really haven’t formed a connection with anyone. You’re not one to toot your own horn but let’s be honest; you have so many amazing qualities. You’re always happy and up for an adventure, and you regularly hear how 'cute' you are, but you just can’t seem to meet anyone that really ‘gets you’. 

Now what if someone told you that they were headed out of town to hang out with some friends who have similar interests to you... You’d be combing that hair and packing some snacks quicker than you could say ‘Who wants to go in the car?’. Am I right?

This is what every day life is like for our adoptable (and might I say adorable) animals. Being cared for at an RSPCA shelter is great because the pets' days are full of fun and cuddles however, some of our animals opt for a more proactive approach by jumping in the car (we don’t let them actually drive the car) and meeting people who have lifestyles and interests that align with their own – a very important consideration when searching for your pawfect match!

So you may just see some RSPCA pets around your town! Be sure to give them some extra love and attention.

Until next time,

Paws out, claws out.

Carli Wallbridge
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