From Junior Crew to Veterinary Studies

Animals Volunteering Posted Feb 16, 2021
Olivia Munroe completed the RSPCA Junior Crew program in 2018. She’s been back every year to mentor other children in the program ever since, and is now off to study veterinary science!

Olivia has two dogs, Maisie and Mac, and is clearly an animal lover, enrolling in the 2018 Junior Crew School Holiday program at RSPCA Queensland.

Showing leadership, passion and responsibility, Olivia was invited back to assist children in future programs as a mentor. During her time helping at the Animal Care Campus at Wacol, Olivia has enjoyed working with a variety of animals and people too. “I also enjoyed the experiences provided by the different departments. Seeing how everyone worked together, and how important that is, to help the animals regardless of their role.”

junior crew members sitting in a circle

“I really enjoyed doing Junior Crew and wanted others to have a similar experience and thought I could help them do that. During the single day programs I have loved seeing the kids be so engaged, and if even a small part of that engagement is because I have been along to help, then I feel good.”

RSPCA Junior Crew runs every School Holidays at the Brisbane RSPCA and is suitable for children up to 16 years of age. If you’re keen to get on the waiting list, don’t hesitate to express your interest here!

The RSPCA Queensland Junior Crew School Holiday program is certainly popular, and despite COVID-19 and shifts in how the program has been run over the past year, there is always plenty for kids to learn about animal care and welfare.

Until you’ve visited and participated in the program, you don’t realise just how many animals are being cared for at the RSPCA behind the scenes. Olivia says, “Each animal is treated as an individual, regardless of the huge numbers and different species.”  She says she also gained “a better idea of why animals come to the RSPCA. From surrenders, through to those who don’t have a great life and come in via the Inspectorate and Ambulance.”

With her new found animal knowledge and experience from the Junior Crew program, Olivia commences her veterinary studies this year.

junior crew member olivia with vet and dog on operating table

“I have always enjoyed science and have done a few things that have helped people, so initially thought about doing medicine. I am also passionate about animals so looked for opportunities to see what those pathways looked like, rather than going in one direction.”

Olivia says, “Junior Crew seemed liked a great opportunity to see what working with animals was like, and through a great organisation that has animals as a priority. I think by the time I attended Junior Crew I was pretty sure animals were in my future so solidified or confirmed my choice rather than made me head in that direction.”

Olivia is now off to University in Sydney and is looking forward to her next adventure, “I think I will enjoy being independent and meeting new people with the same passions I have, as well as starting the journey towards becoming a vet.”

We asked Olivia what her message would be for other animal advocates keen to help out, learn more and do more to help make a difference

Olivia says, “Don’t lose your passion to work with or for animals. Find ways to be involved, like doing an RSPCA school holiday program. There are lots of ways to help animals, but you need to find them rather than waiting for someone else to. Take action rather than be passive, small acts can mean a massive difference to an animal’s life. Take opportunities and don’t feel bad if they don’t turn out the way you thought. Better to see what a career really is about before committing to it. Doing the school holiday program could have easily gone the other way and I would be enrolled in something completely different, but it showed where I wanted to be.”

Good luck with your Veterinary Studies Olivia! The animals at the RSPCA appreciate your dedication and assistance over the years in helping them find second chances.

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