Make Your Pooch a Snuffle Ball Toy

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Easy DIYs to keep your dog entertained at home.

Snuffle balls are a fantastic way to entertain your dog for hours by enabling self-directed play which also allows your dog to express some natural behaviour, which keeps them engaged. Snuffle balls are perfect for treat orientated dogs as you can place a treat on the inside of the fabric which will direct their focus and allow them to be both mentally stimulated and calm.

This six-step do-it-yourself toy is also a fun way to entertain your child and further bond them with their furry-friend as they can help make it. Need some treat ideas, check out World for Pets online for a wide selection of yummy snacks to use with your DIY Snuffle Ball.

If you are looking for a foraging toy but, don’t have the time to make one please visit the RSPCA World for Pets here, where toys such as the Kong Quest Star Pod Dog Toy simulate such experience.

What you will need
  • Fabric (why not repurpose an old sheet?)
  • Scissors (under parental supervision)
  • Ruler
  • Permanent or fabric marker (non-toxic)
  • String

what you need


Cut two strips of fabric approximately 30cm x 90cm and place one on top of the other.

step 1

Cut strips along both lengths of the fabric leaving a space in the middle, about the size of a ruler. Either use a marker and measure the trips or measure it by eye.

step 2

Once both sides are cut into strips, roll the fabric up as tightly as possible along the middle.

step 3

Next, tightly secure the middle with string. Cut the end of the string and tie knots along the middle to secure it.

step 4

Shake out, pull into shape, and  add a treat to the centre of the toy underneath the fabric.

step 5

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